Tour One Of The BEST Areas To Live In Olympia WA: Northwest Olympia

Greetings, future residents of the picturesque Northwest Olympia! If you’re looking for the greatest place to live in Olympia, Washington, you’re in for a treat. Join us, Joe & Charity Slawter of Live Well Home Group as we take you on a tour of Northwest Olympia. This is the place to be, filled with parks, amazing houses, and everything you need. Let’s dive in!


1. The Quirky Grandeur of Northwest Olympia

Northwest Olympia isn’t just a location; it’s an experience. Imagine a place with lots of charm, character, and, of course, lots of green trees. It’s like living in a park, but without bears (phew!). If you like unique and exciting places, Northwest Olympia is for you.


2. Green, Beautiful, and Convenient Living

What makes Northwest Olympia extra special is how green and beautiful it is. Maybe it’s because of the rain or all the trees, but it’s like a green paradise. And guess what? It’s close to downtown, with great restaurants, and awesome parks. Living here is not just pretty; it’s also accessible and convenient.


3. Shopping Delights in West Olympia

Now, let’s talk about shopping. If you love shopping (or just love getting groceries), West Olympia is your dream come true. There’s a big mall with everything you can think of – sports equipment, wines, and even an Old Navy. And there’s this awesome place called the Food Co-op, it’s like a grocery store, but everyone in the neighborhood helps decide what to put in it. How cool is that?


4. Culinary Adventures: Restaurants in Northwest Olympia

Foodies, this part is for you! From classic places like Olive Garden to unique spots like Vix Pizza, Northwest Olympia has it all. Ever heard of a breakfast joint called Hash? It’s so popular; there are lines outside! And there’s this place called Iron Rabbit, perfect for date nights. Oh, and Egan’s Drive-In is like a ’50s movie – burgers, shakes, the whole deal!


5. Parks Galore: Outdoor Delights

For all the outdoor lovers, Northwest Olympia is the place to be. Woodruff Park has a splash pad and tennis courts for family adventures. Gooey Duck Park is not about ducks – it’s a clammy thing, and there’s a beach. Imagine living near the water and having your own beach! And there are more parks – West Bay Park, Garfield Nature Trail, and Jogger Park for sports fans.


6. Top-Notch Schools and Unique College Experience

If you’re wondering about schools, Capitol High School is top-notch. It’s like the school everyone dreams of going to. And guess what? There’s a middle school named Jefferson right next door. The Evergreen State College is nearby too, and it’s a super unique college where you can choose your own degree – pretty cool for all the non-traditional thinkers out there.


7. Diverse Housing Options

Let’s talk houses! In Northwest Olympia, you can find all kinds of houses. From cozy houseboats to cool mid-century homes and super modern ones – there’s something for everyone. And the prices? They go from mid-threes to the nines. 


  • Charming Houseboat (Low 300s): Live on the water in a cute houseboat – with all the essentials!
  • Mid-Century Delight (High 400s): Enjoy the charm of older homes with amazing architecture from the mid-1900s.
  • Modern Convenience (High 500s): If you like everything new and shiny, there are modern houses with all the great household items.
  • Spacious Acreage (High 600s): There are houses with big yards – perfect for those who love more space.
  • Forest Retreat (High 700s): Live in a house surrounded by trees – it’s like having your own forest!
  • Waterfront Luxury (High 900s): Feel like a king or queen in a big house on the water with your private beach.
  • Panoramic Views (Low 2s): Wake up to amazing views from a house on Country Club Road – it’s like a movie scene!
  • Beachfront Elegance (1M): Live in a million-dollar home with your private beach – fancy!

8. Ready to Make Northwest Olympia Your Home? Let’s Chat!

Thinking about moving to Northwest Olympia? We, Joe & Charity Slawter, are the experts. We know everything about the local market and have helped lots of people find their dream homes. Whether you’re into cozy houseboats or big waterfront mansions, we’ve got you covered.

Ready to make Northwest Olympia your home? Book a FREE strategy call with us,  Joe & Charity or give us a call at 360-268-8420.



So, Northwest Olympia is like a dream neighborhood – quirky, green, and full of amazing things. Whether you want great schools, awesome parks, or a unique college experience, Northwest Olympia has got it all. Your new home might just be a call away, so why not make Northwest Olympia your next adventure? Let’s do this!

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