Avoid These 5 Expensive Home Renovations You WILL REGRET!

Ever thought about giving your home an awesome makeover? Well, before you jump into the world of renovations, let’s chat about five costly upgrades that you might later wish you hadn’t done. Joe Slawter from Live Well Home Group has some tips to share. So, grab a snack, get comfy, and let’s steer you away from any renovation regrets!


1. The She Shed or Man Cave Dilemma

Imagine turning a shed into your little secret hideout or a man cave. Sounds awesome, right? Well, not exactly when it comes to adding value to your home. We suggest that making it super fancy with kitchens and bathrooms won’t really boost your home’s value. So, before you go all out, think twice about your dream escape.

2. Fancy Crown Molding or Ship Lap

Do you love the idea of having fancy crown molding or ship lap in your home? Well, guess what? While it might make your place look super cool, it won’t impress future buyers as much as you’d think. So, if it’s just for you to enjoy, go for it, but don’t expect it to make your home worth loads more money when you sell it.

3. Spa or Hot Tub Dreams

Who wouldn’t want a relaxing spa or hot tub in their backyard? It’s a dreamy idea, but we say it won’t make your home worth much more. Hot tubs wear out over time, just like your favorite sneakers. So, invest in that hot tub for personal enjoyment rather than expecting it to be a game-changer for your home’s resale value.

4. Tub-to-Shower Conversion

Ever thought about turning your tub into a stylish shower? It might sound amazing, but we say it can be pretty expensive. You’d need new tiles, a shower pan, and fancy fixtures. If it’s something you really, really want, go ahead. But remember, it might not make your home worth a whole lot more when it’s time to sell.

5. Goodbye Garage, Hello Living Space?

Need more room in your home? Converting your garage might seem like a quick fix, but we say it might not be the smartest move. Most people like having a garage, and if you get rid of it, future buyers might not be so excited. So, if you’re running out of space, maybe look for a new home instead of changing your garage.


Tips from the Experts

We, Joe & Charity Slawter, the dynamic duo from Live Well Home Group, want you to make informed decisions when it comes to your home. We are real estate experts, with a team of 30 realtors, who have a keen understanding of the local market in Washington State. We have seen it all, from dream homes to regrettable renovations, and we’re here to guide you.


Your Smart Move

Before you start redoing your home, think about what you’ll get back for your money. If you’re in Washington State and need advice on buying or selling a home, talk to us, Joe & Charity. We are ready to chat with you about your plans and help you make the best choices.

Ready to make smart home decisions? Book a FREE strategy call with us, Joe & Charity, or give us a call at 📲360-268-8420.

So, there you have it! Not all home renovations are a good idea. Keep these tips in mind, and your home will look great without breaking the bank!

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