5 Things You MUST Know Before Moving To Tacoma WA… You WON’T Believe This!

Ever thought about moving somewhere fantastic, like Tacoma, WA? Well, guess what? We, Joe and Charity Slawter. from Live Well Home Group have some interesting things to tell you about Tacoma, especially the awesome 6th Ave neighborhood. So, let’s jump into the exciting stuff!


1. The Amazing Vibes of 6th Ave

Okay, so imagine living in a place that’s not just a regular neighborhood. Nope, 6th Ave is like a big canvas of colors and coolness. It’s funky, artsy, and totally unique. We say it’s like a masterpiece with each house and street being a work of art. How cool is that? It’s not just a neighborhood; it’s a giant art gallery!


2. Convenience and Walkability

Guess what’s awesome about 6th Ave? You can walk pretty much everywhere! It’s like having your favorite places right outside your door. Need a snack? You can walk. Want to explore cool spots like Proctor or Ruston Way? Walk a bit more. It’s like a big park where everything is just a stroll away. It’s not just fun; it’s super easy on 6th Ave!


3. Great Food and Drink Adventures

Now, let’s talk about something everyone loves – food! 6th Ave is a foodie’s paradise. Living here means your taste buds get to go on a wild adventure.  From places with big, tasty portions like Dirty Oscars to spots where you can pour your own drinks like Red Dog, it’s a feast for your taste buds. And if you love coffee, oh boy, you’re in for a treat! 6th Ave is a food lover’s dream come true!


4. Coffee Lovers, Rejoice! 

Are you a fan of that magical drink called coffee? Well, 6th Ave has got you covered. There are places like Tacoma Java and Bluebird Coffee Roasters where you can get your caffeine fix. Imagine having so many coffee spots just around your corner! Yes, for those who believe the day starts after a good cup of coffee, 6th Ave is like having your own coffee wonderland.


5. Music, Fun, and Nighttime Adventures

It’s not just about food and drinks; 6th Ave knows how to have a good time at night too! There’s a place called Jazz Bones where you can enjoy live music, and they even have karaoke nights. And if you love music but want to chill at home, there are great places like High Voltage Records where you can find awesome vinyl! From live music to discovering cool records, 6th Ave is like a never-ending party!


Houses That Are Just Right for You

Okay, so now let’s talk about homes. 6th Ave has all kinds of houses, from cute little ones to modern ones. Whether you like homes with a lot of history or ones that look all fancy and new, there’s something for everyone! Living here means you can choose a house that feels just right for you.


Ready to Explore Tacoma? Let’s Connect!

So, if all this sounds super exciting and you’re ready for a Tacoma adventure, We, Joe and Charity from Live Well Home Group are your go-to guides. We know all the cool spots, the best houses, and everything you need for your Tacoma journey. Check out our website at Live Well Home Group to find out more about the houses and places they have for you.

Ready for an awesome adventure in Tacoma? We are your Tacoma friends who can help you find the perfect home. Just click here to book a FREE strategy call with them or give us a call at 360-268-8420. Your Tacoma adventure is just a call away!

So, there you go, future Tacoma residents! Tacoma is like a treasure chest, and 6th Ave is one of the shiniest gems. Whether you’re into great food, cool music, or finding the perfect home, Tacoma has it all. Get ready for a fantastic adventure in this amazing Washington State city!


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