Here Are The Reasons Why Washington Is Better Than California

Get ready for the ultimate showdown: Washington vs. California! We, Joe and Charity Slawter from Live Well Home Group are here to present the case for why Washington might just be the superior state to live in. We’ve got five big reasons that make Washington the best and shine brighter than the Golden State. Let’s dive in!


Cost of Living: It’s Cheaper!

First up is the cost of living. California can be really expensive, especially in big cities like San Francisco. Houses there can cost a million dollars or more! But in Washington, it’s much better. We say that living here is a great deal, and you get to have a nice home without spending a ton of money.

And guess what? Washington offers affordability without compromising on quality. You can find a perfect home, whether you like living in a city or a cozy neighborhood.


Natural Beauty: Washington is Beautiful!

Next, we’re talking about how pretty Washington is. We’ve got Puget Sound, majestic mountains, and lush forests. It’s like living in a fairy tale! Sure, California has its charms, but does it have the enchanting Puget Sound? We think not.

And the best part? You can do all sorts of fun things in just one state—Washington! You can surf, hike, and explore everywhere. It’s like an adventure waiting to happen!


Quality of Life: Where People Are Awesome

Now, let’s chat about the quality of life. Washington is not just pretty; it’s a great place to live. There are so many amazing people in places like Olympia and Seattle. You can have outdoor fun in national forests and public lands. 

So, whether you like nature or making friends, Washington is the perfect place for both.


Traffic Woes: Less Honking, More Fun

Time for round four: traffic. We all know traffic can be a headache. California has some famous traffic jams, but in Washington, it’s not as bad. Around Seattle, it can get busy, but if you go a bit further, the roads are clearer. We say that less time in the car means more time for exciting things!

Traffic might not be everyone’s favorite, but Washington makes it easier to handle.


Job Opportunities

Last but not least, let’s talk about jobs. Washington is not just beautiful; it’s also a place with lots of job opportunities. Big companies like Boeing and Amazon are here, offering all kinds of jobs. Whether you want to work from home surrounded by nature or have a great job in a big company, Washington is the place to be!

So, did Washington win this battle against California? According to Joe and Charity Slawter, it’s a big yes! Washington takes the win with a cool elbow drop.



In the end, Washington is the champion in the Washington vs. California face-off. We, Joe and Charity Slawter, the awesome team from Live Well Home Group, have shared why Washington is the best. From a lower cost of living to amazing natural beauty, Washington is the place to be.

Excited to find a home in Washington? Visit The Live Well Group to see more homes. Thinking about moving? Book a FREE chat with Joe & Charity here or give them a call at 📲360-268-8420. Let’s make Washington your new home sweet home!

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