Explore Steilacoom: One Of The BEST Towns To Live In Washington

Are you ready to explore and to get to know more about Steilacoom, Washington? Join us, Joe & Charity Slawter of Live Well Home Group, as we show you why Steilacoom is like the coolest town ever!


Why Steilacoom is Awesome


First-Rate Homes with Amazing Views

Imagine living in houses on hills where you can see the ferry crossing and have the most awesome views ever! Steilacoom has these homes that are not too expensive, but they are very nice. From small cozy homes to bigger ones, you can choose the one you like!

Small Town Vibes in a Little Town

Even though Steilacoom has only about 6,700 people, it feels like a small town where everyone knows everyone. It’s like having a big family, and you can still go to nearby places like Lakewood and Tacoma. But Steilacoom is perfect for those who love a small-town feeling.

Time Travel to the Past

Steilacoom has been around since 1851. Captain Lafayette Bulch founded it, and it was supposed to be like San Francisco, but it became something even cooler. Steilacoom is called the “town of firsts” because it was the first incorporated community in Washington. You can see old buildings, a cute wagon shop, and even a museum that tells stories from the past.


Exciting Things to Do in Steilacoom


Friendly Parks for Everyone

Steilacoom has not one, not two, but 12 parks! You can go to Salter’s Point and chill on the beach, or maybe head to Pioneer Orchard Park for the best sunset views. There’s also Sunnyside Beach Park with volleyball and toys for kids. Lots of places to play and have fun!

Steilacoom Eats and Drinks

Even though Steilacoom is not a big town, it has some delectable places to eat. Topside is a great restaurant with a fantastic view, and Bear Drug and Hardware Store is like a museum with tasty food. If you like craft beer, Silicum Tap House is the place to be. And, of course, you can’t forget Silicum Bar and Grill!

High-Rated Schools

If you have children moving to Steilacoom, don’t worry. The schools here are one of the best! The high school is one of the top-performing schools, and it’s been on the list from 2019 to 2023.


Let’s Check Out Steilacoom Homes

Curious about the houses in Steilacoom? Let’s take a look at different homes and how much they cost, from small ones to fancy ones!


Under $500k – Cute and Cozy Homes

In this category, you’ll find houses that are cozy and ready for you to make it your home. They might need a little fixing, but that’s the fun part!

$500k – $700k – Homes with a Retro Vibe

Now we’re moving up a bit. These houses have a cool vibe from the past but with some new stuff. Perfect if you like things that are old but also new!

$800k – $1M – Homes with a Stunning View

In this group, the houses are a bit fancier, and they’re all about the view. If you love looking at cool stuff outside your window, these homes are for you!

$1M+ – Houses by the Waterfront

Okay, now we’re talking about super cool houses by the water. These homes are a bit more expensive, but you can wake up and see the water every day. Fancy, right?


Ready for Steilacoom? 

Wanna see more homes and know more about Steilacoom? Check out Live Well Home Group on their website! If you’re thinking about moving to Steilacoom, we, Joe & Charity can help you out. You can even call us at 📲360-268-8420 or book a FREE strategy call. Great, right?

Steilacoom isn’t just a town; it’s a captivating journey waiting to be explored. Come, join the fun, and maybe you’ll find your new home sweet home!

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