Discover One of the TOP neighborhoods in Tacoma Washington: Point Ruston

Get ready to check out one of the BEST neighborhoods in Tacoma, Washington – Point Ruston! We, Joe & Charity Slawter from Live Well Home Group, are here to guide you through this beautiful place. Let’s dive in and see why Point Ruston could be the place you call home.


Why Point Ruston is A Place Like No Other


Incredible Views of Mountains and Water

First things first – the views! Point Ruston has amazing views of a huge mountain called Mount Rainier and the sparkling water. It’s like having your own natural movie screen with the biggest and most breathtaking mountain ever!

Living in a Place That’s Like a Resort

Imagine living in a neighborhood that feels like you’re on vacation all the time! Point Ruston is just like that. You’ve got everything you need for a great time right where you live. It’s like having your own resort – so cool!

Convenient Living

Living in Point Ruston is easy peasy. You can walk to everything you need! Whether it’s a nice stroll, delicious food, or shopping for your personal stuff. This neighborhood is all about making life easy and fun.

Events That Are Always Happening

Point Ruston is the place to be if you love lively events! There’s always something going on – from markets with great views to concerts in the summer, fall festivals, and even lighting up Christmas trees. The events here never stop, and you’ll always have something exciting to do.


Where to Satisfy Your Cravings


Burgers, Pizza, and Seafood – Oh My!

Feeling hungry? Point Ruston has you covered! You can munch on tasty burgers at Stack 571, enjoy flavorful pizza at Fio’s, or dive into delicious seafood at WildFin. And don’t forget dessert at Ice Cream Social – the perfect sweet treat!

Shopping with a Purpose at Purpose and Tickled Pink

Shopping with a purpose? Visit Purpose, a store contributing to ending sex trafficking. How kind and helpful is that? And Tickled Pink is a shop with pretty jewelry, clothes, and even candles that smell like Fruity Pebbles!


Things to Do That’s Wheel-y Fun


Biking and Riding Fun for Everyone

If you love wheels, Point Ruston is the place for you! You can ride bikes along the water, hop on electric bikes, or even have a scavenger hunt with friends. There are so many wheel fun options for everyone.

Nature’s Playground: Point Defiance Park

The happiness doesn’t stop at Point Ruston. You can keep the adventure going in Point Defiance Park! There are trails in the woods, a beach called Owen Beach, and even a zoo! It’s like having a nature wonderland right in your backyard.


Homes in Point Ruston: Your Cozy Spot

Curious about living here? Let’s check out some homes in Point Ruston:


Home with Industrial Vibes – $549,500

This cozy home has a cool industrial style. It’s like living in a modern art gallery, and you get to see boats from your window!

Spacious Comfort with City Views – $732,000

If you want more space and a view of the city, this home is for you. It’s like having your own cozy castle in the sky.

Waterfront Luxury – $1.1 Million

For those who love water views, this home is perfect. Imagine waking up to the sound of waves every day – so dreamy!

Ground Floor Fun – $1.2 Million

This home on the ground floor is super easy to get in and out of. You’ll have a trail right outside your door – perfect for quick adventures!

Ultimate Luxury Living – $2.8 Million

For the ultimate luxury experience, this home is under construction. It’s like a palace with the most amazing bathroom ever!


Your Amazing Neighborhood Awaits

Point Ruston is not just a neighborhood; it’s a whole lifestyle. If you love the idea of living in a cool place with awesome events and great homes, Point Ruston is the place to be! Ready to make it your home? Connect with us, Joe & Charity Slawter of Live Well Home Group.

Connect with Joe & Charity Slawter: Your Expert Realtors in Washington

Thinking of making Point Ruston your home? Explore more homes and properties on Live Well Home Group’s website. For personalized help and expert advice, book a FREE strategy call or give them a call at 📲360-268-8420.

Don’t miss out on the chance to experience the awesomeness of Point Ruston. Your dream home in Washington is waiting for you!

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