A little bit about me...

Hi! I’m Joe Slawter, and my wife and I lead the Live Well Home Group. Over the last 30+ years we’ve raised four kids, built and remodeled four houses, started nonprofit and for-profit businesses, and used our experience and training to coach others through stressful and complex decisions. 

We have taken risks and pursued big dreams for our family, and we love resourcing and cheering others on as they do the same. We’re excited that we get to leverage our experience and passion as a real estate team, by focusing on helping people navigate one of life’s biggest decisions. 

We invite you to strategize with us as we coach you through the home buying and selling experience. Together we’ll identify your motivations and goals, then out of that insight we’ll develop and execute a strategic plan so you can start living your ideal life in your ideal home! Let us get to know you so we can get to work. We promise to make the whole experience loads of fun!

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